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#1: reconciling different performance numbers

Posted on 2006-03-09 21:05:20 by Phil Schuman

ok - after using Quicken for years,
I've been clicking on the mutual fund entries (and stocks)
to bring up the web page (Quicken uses Yahoo financial)
to chart the fund (and stocks) and look at various details.

Why do the performance numbers never match anything
between my Quicken file, the Yahoo page, and the actual fund page

ie - TRowe New Horizons mutual fund

My Quicken shows 17% for 1 year

Yahoo = 21% / 29% / 7% (trailing returns for 1, 3, 5yr)

Yahoo = 11% / 17% / 49% (annualized returns for 1, 3, 5yr)

TRowe = 11% / 25% / 7% (for 1, 3, 5yr)

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