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#1: Fidelity 529 review

Posted on 2006-03-07 23:12:46 by Phil Schuman

A few years ago, (I think 2002)
Grandpa setup a Fidelity 529 plan for each of the 7 grandkids.
It was supposely graduated to contribute more for the oldest,
and less for the younger..... not large amounts, about $800 a year.
So - for our 15yr old - his plan has about $6k - enuff for books :)
Not sure how much the other kids have - don't want to start a squable..

The plan has a 3.50% load,
and it doesn't appear to be appreciating that much
compared to our own personal mutual fund holdings.
So - how does this plan look compared to other 529 plans ???

&lt;<a href="" target="_blank"> 5604</a>&gt;

tnx for any insight - BTW, we are in Illinois -

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