From the Moderators: Posting to MIFP

From the Moderators: Posting to MIFP

am 11.03.2006 23:38:09 von skip5700removethis is a *moderated* newsgroup, meaning
moderators review posts.

In general you can expect that any well-tempered post dealing with
general financial planning will be posted. Further:

1. Lengthy posts, cross posts, copyrighted material, articles and
political comments should be directed elsewhere. And except in
flattering terms, reference to another poster or group of people is

2. We urge everyone to trim posts to which they respond. "Trim"
means that except for a few lines to provide context, the previous
post is deleted (it is deleted from your post; but the *entire*
previous post is still on the newsgroup for all to read). For more on
posting etiquette, go to

3. Advertisements/solicitations are not allowed. A commercial
reference in the signature lines is Ok as long as the body of the post
makes a substantive contribution. Please limit signatures to four
lines maximum.

4. When a post does not comply: Providing the poster used a working
email address and the moderator has time, the moderators will return
the post with a suggestion/comment. Where the post is from a repeat
offender or spammer the moderators will ignore the post, consigning it
to Internet's vast wasteland.

5. The moderators have adopted a fast approval process for those
posters who *consistently* comply with the guidelines. That list is
reviewed periodically for both additions and deletions.

Lastly, the moderators, while brilliant <grin>, cannot explain why
posts occasionally appear on some news readers and not on others.
Inquiries about same should be directed to the affected news server.

If you wish to comment on the newsgroup's operation, please do so by
email at the following addresses. While we read every comment, we may
not be able to respond to every email.

Ed Zollars:
HW "Skip" Weldon:

-HW "Skip" Weldon
Columbia, SC