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#1: Beta Testers Needed for New Online Tenant Satisfaction Tool

Posted on 2006-03-10 20:01:48 by noyesbrian

My company just launched, a site aimed at Real
Estate/Property Management professionals. These survey tools are a
great way to increase your investment's value by gauging tenant
satisfaction, retaining renters in your units, and using customer
feedback to market or advertise your properties.

We're looking for a few trial customers to use our tool and provide
feedback. A copy of the launch press release can be found here:

<a href=";newsId=20060308005832&amp;newsLang=en" target="_blank"> mViewId=news_view&amp;newsId=20060308005832&amp;newsLang=en</a>

Please email directly if interested.

Brian Noyes
GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.)

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