Alerts with AlertTAPE

Alerts with AlertTAPE

am 21.04.2006 10:05:37 von iemand

This is really cool and never seen before :
a 100% free shareware program with amazing graphics :

With AlertTAPE you can display your favorite stocks on top of your
Windows Desktop screen, without overlapping the other active programs. Stock
quotes are continuously updated, and alerts can be set on upper or lower
price breakouts, and also when newsitems are received. Alerts are sent via
e-mail or are signaled to the user by blinking the stock price on the
screen. Stock prices are downloaded for FREE via the Internet. A really
unique skin library lets you customize the way the stocks are displayed on
the screen.

Some of the other features :

a.. Free and automatic price update
b.. Intraday price history (view...)
c.. Set price alerts or news alerts (view...)
d.. Send alerts by e-mail (view...)
e.. News overview on all stocks (view...)
f.. Integrated up-to-date prices screen (view...)
g.. Amazing graphics using predefined skins (view...)
h.. Scrolling intraday chart thumbnails (view...)
i.. Live link to all your Excel sheets (view...)
j.. Automatic stock lookup screen (view...)
k.. Mouse wheel support for manual scrolling
l.. Importing stocks from CSV-files
m.. 100% Shareware without adds or spyware
n.. Multiple independent AlertTAPES (view...)
o.. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Download on Tucows :