0% Deposit Mortgages Available With Selected Properties!

0% Deposit Mortgages Available With Selected Properties!

am 19.07.2006 12:05:10 von Andrew

0% Deposit Mortgage Available With Selected Properties!

Clockwork Investments would like to inform the investing public that we
now have an excellent mortgage supplier on board who can offer a
variety of mortgage solutions for your investments purposes.

When you combine this with Clockwork Investment's ability to supply
its clients with the latest property investments, you're onto a
winning formula for securing your financial future. For example:

0% Deposit Mortgage: The Boffin, Liverpool.

Comes with:
- 15% Genuine Discount.
- 0% Deposit Mortgage (subjects to status).
- In Highly Lucrative Rental Market.
- Large Regeneration Projects Ongoing.

Acquire the property from only =A35,438.


Full Deposit Repaid On Completion: The Life Development in Cheshire.

Comes with:
- 15% Genuine Discount.
- Pay Only 5% Deposit On Your Mortgage and Get It CASHBACK On
Completion. (Subject To Status).

Acquire This Property For Only =A32,944 (after cashback).

For More Information:

For more information on Clockwork Investments and how we can create for
you short term profit, long term wealth and secure your alternative
pension, go to our website: www.clockworkinvestments.co.uk or call us
on 0870 850 5651 for more details.